Melanie and David,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you both Thank You!!!! My photo shoot with y’all was better than I ever expected! I have to admit…I was a little nervous going in to it, but in less than 10 minutes of arriving at your studio, I was so at ease. You and David are so laid back and easy to work with. You made me comfortable from the start. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or rushed, even knowing that you went way over on the time allotted for my shoot. It seemed like y’all were having as much fun as I was! 🙂 If I could I would do it all over again!!!! I’ve told all my friends about you…singing your praises. And I LOVE my pictures…I’ve never felt more beautiful!!!! Thank you both for one of the funnest experiences of my life. I wish you both the best and continued success!!

Kisses and Hugs,


David and Melanie are awesome. There is no other way to say it. I had a blast doing this shoot! The atmosphere was extremely professional, yet super relaxing and fun. If you’re considering a photography team, I would highly recommend this group. They are friendly, accomodating and over the top fun! To top if off, the pictures turned out AMAZING, better than I’d hoped!!!

My session with Melanie & Dave was fantastic! I showed up completely unprepared and they had everything to make the day and the shoot great! I also wasn’t feeling well but that all changed and Melanie did my make-up great! They were both so friendly, fun, and professional. It made the shoot a lot of fun and I love my pictures! I even recommended them to a friend and she said the same! I will definitely do it again!

Savannah was a blast to shoot with. She came with all the vivacity of someone that knows who she is and is happy to celebrate that. What a pleasure to meet and get to know someone with that quality! She’s a sweetheart.

Savannah and I planned her session in advance, and we also added extra concepts while she was in the studio. Some of our favorite images were 

* Outdoors, white canopy / veiled look

* Reflections of You

* Your Natural Curves


Preparing for her upcoming nuptials, this fiancé selected several concepts to explore, showing her sexy sides in a Boudoir Book to be handed to her husband the morning of their wedding.


Working with you guys was so much fun! I felt quite the opposite of awkward; I felt confident. It felt like I was hanging out with friends who just happened to be great photographers! The pictures came out perfect, & I continue to receive compiments. Would totally recommend Melanie & David to anyone interested in boudoir!

I just cannot compliment Boudoir-Dallas enough! Like many clients, I was nervous, had never done anything like this before, and didn’t know what to expect. But the moment I met Melanie and David I knew I was in good hands. They truly make you feel comfortable and are extremely professional while doing it. Melanie did an absolutely stunning job with my makeup. She is an amazing posing coach and talked me through the entire shoot. I cannot thank the entire Boudoir-Dallas team enough for the beautiful pictures. I can’t wait to book my next session!!

My experience at Boudoir Dallas was amazing!! Any reservations I had regarding my photo session were immediately cleared from the moment I called to schedule my appointment and spoke with Melanie. The team at BDP is top notch. Through the entire process they kept in touch with me through emails, phone calls, and texts and were always ready and willing to answer any questions I had. Not once did I feel out of place or uncomfortable. These are truly the nicest people. At the photo session itself they were ready with ideas and kept me comfortable the whole time. My pictures turned out amazing!! Everyone I have shown cannot believe how beautiful they are! Thank you so much to this team for beautifying me and making it the best all around experience I could’ve had.

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